Destiny Grid account manager

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Your name needs to be two words, only ordinary letters and digits, no special characters or fonts.

While viewers will usually remember your name and password for you, you'll need to remember it for this web site to.   I highly recommend using a password manager.   KeePass and it's variations is a great password manager.

Warning, the limit on password length is set by your viewer, some can't handle longer than 16 characters.

Experimental account manager

This account manager system is currently experimental, and under heavy development.   Which means it's not all written yet, and things may break.

To create an account, choose a name and password, type them in, click the 'create account' button.

On the next page, fill in all your details, then click on the 'confirm' button.

We follow the usual web site registration process, which sends a validation email, with a link to click.   When you get that email, click on the link, or copy it into a web browser.

You will then be logged off.   Now you have to wait for an admin to approve your new account.   They should check with the person you listed as vouching for you first.   They will tell you after they approve your account.

Missing bits that are still being written - editing accounts, listing accounts, deleting accounts.